December 2022


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Newsletter #1

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An interest rate history lesson | Santa's business model | 1st-time buyer condos | More 

Newsletter #1

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Buy first then sell? Or sell first then buy? Read this.


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Quiz & Report

Quiz Q&A

Q: There are three boxes of ornaments. In each box there is either a set of big ornaments, small ornaments or big and small ornaments mixed. The boxes are labelled BIG, SMALL, and MIXED but each box is labelled incorrectly. What is the least number of boxes you can open to know which ornaments are in which box?

A: One. If you open one box, and it contains the BIG ornaments, and each of the other two boxes are mislabeled, then the one labeled SMALL must be the MIXED ornaments, and the one labeled MIXED must be the SMALL ornaments.


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